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Welcome to Midnight Bail Bonds of Libby Montana. When you’re in a bind and need bail bonds, feel free to give our local company a call for the very best services in town. We’ve been voted the highest-rated bail bonds agency for 5 years in a row for providing the very best services in town. The process is very simple, first what you’re going to want to do is give our team a call by dialing our number or visiting our contact page and letting us know what happened with the inmate. What were they arrested for? What type of bail bond do they need? Our agents are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for your convenience. Providing cheap and local bail bonds near you is what we do best!

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Hey Lincoln County locals, if you’re in need of a local bondsman, give Midnight Bail Bonds a call today! Our agents are readily available to assist you or your loved one during a stressful situation such as an arrest. We’re able to find where your family member or friend is being detained, we can provide you with any and all inmate information and provide very flexible pricing.Additional Services: Bail Bonds Billings MT, Bail Bonds Great Falls MT, Bail Bonds Lincoln County, Bail Bonds Montana. Lincoln County is a beautiful area that we have grown to know and love. We have great relationships with the local county jail officials and understand how to bail processes work in order to get your loved one out of custody today.

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When an individual is arrested and sent to the Lincoln County jail, he or she will be first sent to the booking and inmate processing department. Once the inmate has been processed in and marked as “eligible” for bail, you can call Midnight Bail Bonds to get them out of jail within minutes. If you are unable to use a bondsman, you can go the the county jail yourself and pay the jail the full bail amount in form of a cashiers check. If you’re unable to pay or do not have the financial ability to afford that much money up front, then Midnight Bail Bonds would be your best bet. You can also wait until the defendant goes to see a judge at their arraignment to see if they are eligible for release via OR (own recognizance), but this is not a guarantee. If you need more assistance on bonding a loved one out of jail in Lincoln County, please feel free to give us a call today. We’re always available to the public and are ready to help 24/7.

What Happens To A Person Who Just Got Arrested?

It can be extremely stressful when you or your loved one ends up in jail, and not knowing how bail bonds work can add on an extra element of frustration. We have created a simple guide to help you understand exactly how bail works. We answer common question around the bail bond process, and even go into state specific laws since bail bonds can function differently from state to state – both in how bail works and how much bail costs. Although bail bonds are commonly used after an arrest occurs, we go into all the options that might be available to you so you can be prepared to make the best decision.

What's The Difference Between A Public Defender And An Attorney? Which One Should I Use?

bail bond company and a criminal defendant or arrestee: as that between a  the bail setting process, to the complete elimination of the money bail system  like countless other goods and services, be governed by a consumer protection industry frequently claims that the commercial bail system best serves the needs.

Are There Other Options Than Bail?

Here are three different approaches:

Pay the court / jail all cash. The court will refund all the money after the case is completed less any fees or outstanding fines due the court – you will be advised on these deductions.

  • A US Treasury Bond is also recognized by some courts.
  • Real Property. The court will ask for an appraisal of the property and this may take some time to acquire and submit to the court.
  • Real Property. The court will ask for an appraisal of the property and this may take some time to acquire and submit to the court.

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Numerous Libby MT bail bond agents can bail you (or another person) out anytime day or night in Libby MT. At your convenience, many bail bond agents will come pick you up discreetly. Payment plans are often available depending on each case.

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