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Are you in the Great Falls Montana area and in need of a professional bail bonds? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Midnight Bail Bonds of Great Falls. Our staff is always available to assist you and your loved ones that have been arrested for both felony and misdemeanor charges. 24 hour availability. With over a decades worth of experience and hundreds of client released from jail, we’ve built amazing connections with the court systems to reduce your bail and deliver you out of jail as quickly as possible. Our bail agents are sensitive to your situation and are ready to help. We’re for the locals of Great Falls, CA. Get a free quote today.

Here's What You Need To Know About Bail In Great Falls

Has your loved one recently been sent to the Great Falls county jail off of Central Ave? This jail is operated by the local Great Falls PD and is used to hold recent arrests for a short period of time before transferring them to the main county jail. The agents at Midnight Bail Bonds are able to get your loved one out of jail using our state of the art methods that work faster than any other company in Great Falls. You can reach us by dialing (406) 578-1616 to get started.

If you’re in need of a local agency to get your friend or relative out of jail, call Midnight Bail Bonds immediately. We have licensed agents that are bilingual, experienced and readily available to assist you and your loved ones today. Our agents can meet you at your home, at the jail, at the court house or wherever is most convenient for you! Get your loved one out before they get transferred to the local county jail which can take them much longer to bond out!

If you’re in the city of Great Falls and in need of a local bondsman, give Midnight Bail Bonds a call instantly. Our agents are educated in the industry and will work day and night until we can reconnect you with your loved one. We offer flexible payment plans and rebates for Great Falls MT locals. Don’t let your loved one spend another minute in custody, give us a call by dialing (406) 578-1616. Additional Services: Bail Bonds Billings MT, Bail Bonds Lincoln County, Bail Bonds Montana.
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When a person is arrested and sent to the local Great Falls jail, you can contact Midnight Bail Bonds to help you locate them instantly. We’re able to provide you with the defendants full bail amount, arrest charges, court information and information on whether or not they’ll be released from county jail or will be released on their own recognizance by the local jail deputies.  When a person is arrested, please keep in mind that the jail or local police department will need at least 1 hour to update their records online before the information can be found on public records. Need inmate information on your loved one in Great Falls? Call our Great Falls Bail Bonds today at Midnight to get started. Visit our locations page to get started and to find a local office near you or contact us today.

Top 5 Questions A Bondsmen Will Ask you Upon Calling Them.

You will find that not all bail bondsmen are with the Better Business Bureau. Normally a company gets listed on the Better Business Bureau to appeal to the public. BBB is an organization created to protect the rights of consumers where consumers can satisfy their need for finding a trustworthy company. Here you can do research to find out if there are complaints about the company you are thinking about doing business with. Find out what their rating is and see if there are any major complaints about the bail company and make sure this all matches with what the agent on the phone is telling you. Obviously, if the bondsman is touting a AAA rating with the BBB and you look up the company and find out they’re not even a B rating, well then you can start questioning the values of this company.

What's The Difference Between A Public Defender And An Attorney? Which One Should I Use?

A public defender is appointed to a defendant who does not have the financial ability to retain an attorney – this is the basic difference. What about that myth, “Are you only allowed one call?” California Penal Code 851.5 states that the arrested person has the right to make at least three free local telephone calls upon being booked: one call to an attorney, one to a bail bondsman, and one to a relative or other personal contact.

Are There Other Options Than Bail?

Here are three different approaches:

Pay the court / jail all cash. The court will refund all the money after the case is completed less any fees or outstanding fines due the court – you will be advised on these deductions.

  • A US Treasury Bond is also recognized by some courts.
  • Real Property. The court will ask for an appraisal of the property and this may take some time to acquire and submit to the court.
  • Real Property. The court will ask for an appraisal of the property and this may take some time to acquire and submit to the court.

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