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Why Do We Need Bail Bonds?

The business model for the bail bond industry is fairly straightforward. If you get arrested and find yourself behind bars, you will then appear before a judge who will determine whether or not you will be allowed to get out of jail until your trial. Usually, only those charged with the most heinous crimes will be denied bail altogether. The judge will decide what level of bail it will take to ensure you show up for your trial and don’t attempt to disappear. Let’s assume your crime is relatively minor, and your bail is set at $30,000. If you happen to have $30,000, you will pay the entire amount to the court, then when you show up for trial, the $30,000 will be returned to you in full.


If you don’t appear for your trial, you will lose the entire amount. However, since most people don’t have that kind of cash, they hire a bail bondsman. The bail bondsman receives a non-refundable, percentage of your bond—usually 10 percent. In this case, you would pay the bail bondsman. If you fail to show up for trial, the bondsman would owe the court the amount of money. Of course, you would probably also end up being tracked by the bail bondsman because as a general rule, they don’t like losing money when someone skips out on their bail.

How Long Does it Take to Have a Bondsman Post Your Bond?

After you are arrested, you will go through the “booking” process. The time for this process depends on the how busy the jail is at the time. Typically, the process takes from one to three hours, but it can vary greatly according to which county you are arrested in, and can take as long as 12 hours. The one exception to this, is if you have been charged with DUI, in which case you will be held until your alcohol level drops below a specified level. In DUI cases the bail bondsman has no control over how long you will be held. It is also recommended that you be polite and cooperative during the booking process, as this could have some bearing on how quickly the booking process happens.


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