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After an arrest occurs in Texas, the person is usually processed at the local county jail. You cannot contact a bail bondsman until your mugshot and fingerprints have been taken in a Riversides jail. Your information is then entered into the system and a bail amount is set for your release.

When the bail bond amount is decided, you or someone else can contact a Riverside bail bondsman to post the bond at the local jail. At this time the process can begin to release the person and typically can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to be completed.

In Riverside, each county has its own bail regulation, and bondsman must be licenses to operate in each county. This means you will have a local contact as your bondsman in Riverside and they should be able to quickly arrive at the jail to release you.

When you work with your Riverside county bondsman, make sure you understand what all is involved in the bail fee. You may also be asked to put up property as collateral. As long as the arrested person attends all court dates and meets any other requirements (e.g. check-ins with bondsman, drug/alcohol screening, etc.) then you will have nothing else to worry about. Breaking any agreed upon terms with the court or bondsman will result in a warrant for your arrest and you will be liable for the entire bail amount, not just the 10% paid to the bondsman.

Bail Bond Cost In Riverside Jail

Riverside has a unique way of handling bail bonds costs. Rather than having one set fee percentage that is charged for each bail bond in the state, Riverside allows each county to regulate its bail bond. The general bail bond fee charged is 10% but each county has the power to decide a minimum, maximum, or neither.

This level of regulation at the county levels is a reason why Riverside has a large amount of bail bondsmen. It’s difficult for one bondsman to manage all the regulations across multiple counties, so various small bail companies exist across county lines. Make sure to visit your counties website to determine the exact fee structure, or simply talk to a nearby bondsman and openly ask them about the county regulations.


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