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What are a person's options if the Judge sets a cash or surety bond?

Options include:

  • To stay in jail, awaiting disposition of the case;
  • To stay in jail and wait for a bond reduction hearing, if the bond is larger than one can or will pay. This hearing is usually set by an attorney;
  • To put up the full amount of the bond in cash (all or most will be returned when the case is over);
  • To call a bondsman (also called a “surety agent”), who will charge 10% of the face amount of the bond. This is a nonrefundable fee, and it is rarely returned. (Note: The 10% is mandated by Florida state law; a bondsman may charge no less or no more. Note that some bondsmen will occasionally allow one to make payments toward that 10% of the court-defined bond.)

What exactly does a bail bondsman do?

When a bondsman writes a bond, he is promising the courts that he ensures the defendant’s presence at every required court appearance. If the defendant misses an appearance, the bondsman will attempt to locate the defendant and return him or her to jail. If the bond agent is unable to locate the missing defendant after 60 days, he will have to give the clerk the full amount of the bond.

What are the bail bond laws a person should know?

A person cannot be returned to jail for not paying the bondsman all the money due on the bond. The bondsman can, however, sue a person in civil court for the amount owed, plus costs. People can have bonds revoked if they are arrested again after posting a bond if they are untruthful on their bond application, change their address(es) without letting the bondsman know in advance, give the bondsman reason to believe they will not go to court or depart the jurisdiction of the court without written permission of the court and the bondsman.

Can you post bail on the weekend?

A bail bond can be posted in Riverside counties seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

What is the difference between a secured and an unsecured bail bond?

A secured bail bond is one where the bail agent takes something for collateral from a family member or friend (or sometimes from the person in jail). Most bail agents, to indemnify themselves from any loses, will require co-signers on most of the bonds the execute, and often will take car titles or a mortgages on real property. Remember that if the person who is out on bond does not appear in court at appointed times, or “skips,” the bondsman has to pay the court the full amount of the bail. With larger bonds, it is in the bondsman’s best interest to have collateral from the signer.


Can a bail bond be revoked for non-payment?

The Riverside  has established conditions upon which a bondsman can return someone to jail. Non-payment of the fee is not one of them.

Why do I have to cosign for a bail bond?

The bail agent rarely knows his client, so the agent often asks for someone who knows the client to co-sign on a bond, much as a bank would ask for a co-signer on a loan.

If I signed my son’s bail bond and he’s arrested in another crime, am I responsible for the bond?

If you signed to guarantee payments, the answer is yes. Any collateral you put up with the bondman to guarantee your son’s appearance is not  a new arrest.

How do you get off a bail bond without going to court?

If you signed to get someone out of jail and you no longer want to be on that person’s bond, you need to tell the bondsman you want the person returned to jail. When the person is back in jail, then you are relieved of any financial liability.


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